To keep guard of oneself against all possible harms at all times  is a mingalar.In other words, it is a source of great benefits and happiness. An examplary story follows:
      A long time ago, the king of Baranasi had one thousand sons.  One amongst them, the youngest considered his position and became convinced that he could not be king.
     One day, some pacceka buddhas of lesser buddhas came to  the palace for alms. They told the prince, "If you can travel and get to the city of Texila within seven days,you will be king there.But,on the way you will have to traverse a stretch of jungle, where female ogres lived,They will tempt you with the five arunas,If you guard yourself  against those five sensual objects, then you will be king. Otherwise,  will be eaten by the ogresses."
      The prince took the advice of the pacceka buddhas,and started  out forthe city of Texila,taking with him five male companions.
      Not long afterwards, they reached the forest and entered it. In  the forest the ogresses assumed human forms  with valuable dresses  on. When the two groups met,one ofthe five companions ofthe prince  could not contain himself at the sight ofthe assumed beauty ofan ogress.  He was so beguiled that hepurposely fell behind the group. The ogress of assumed beauty coaxed the man and then ate him.
      After the man who fell for beauty was eaten, the ogresses tempted the men with sweet vocal and instrumentalmusic. One of the remaining four companions of the prince was very fond of music. He  could not contain himself at the sound of the sweet music, and so fell  behind the group.After pleasing the man to his liking,the ogresses ate him.After that incident, the  ogresses tempted the men with sweet scent,  testy fc  and physical contacts. One after another, the three remaining companions of the prince were thus enticed away and all eaten.
      At last, only the prince remained free. One ogress thought of a  plan, "This man is very tenacious. He can keep his mind and body under control.  But, I must seduce and get him by all means. I will return  home only after eating him."
       So she assumed the form of a pretty maiden and followed the prince , keeping close by.
       When asked about them on the road, the ogress lied,"The man  in front of me is my husband."
       But, the prince said, " No, she is not'my wife, but an ogress."  The travellers,however,belived the word of the ogress.
       At last they arrived in the city of Texila. The prince took rest in the shelter of a rest house by the gate of the city. The ogress could not enter the rest house owing to the prince's phone- kam,the mystic power due to his good character and past meritorious deeds. She stood at the gate ofthe rest house, still assuming the form of a very attractive maiden.
       At that instant,the king of Texila was passing by the rest house, and saw the ogress. He fell in love instantly. He refused to accept the prince's explanations,saying, "She is an unmarried woman," and took her to the palace.The king placed the ogress as his chief queen.
      During the night, when the king fell asleep, the ogress went to her companion ogresses and took them to the king's palace. She ate the king.The other ogresses ate all the people inside the palace.
       In the morning, people saw human bones in the palace. Then  only,they belived and came to respect and admire the prince.
       "That manis mindful of human frailties, has the capacity to keep  guard of himself well, and indeed wise. If we elect him king, our  country  will prosperand be at peace," they decided.
       They elected  him king. And so, because he had practiced the  mingalar of keeping himself well guarded against human weaknesses, the prince became king.

Written by Sayar Min Yu Wau
Translated by Sayar U Nyi (Myanmar to Eng)

Source  550Nipada, Telapattazat.