Living at a particular place appropriately located for a person  would result in great benefits such as safety, prosperity, and happiness,  It is a mingalar. The following story would serve as an example:
    Once,a bilone, a kind oflark, strayed away from his usual habitat.There a hawk saw him and swooped down and took him in his claws.  The bilone, held tight in the claws of the hawk, cried and said, "Not  being on my home ground, the hask could take me.If it were my own home ground, he would't be able to take me." The hawk was roused. He  was convinced of his large size,being one armlength across the spread wings. The bilone spread out only one palm wide. How could a small bilone stand a chance with a strong adversary like him? So, he asked, "Hey, bilone bird,Where is your home?"
     To this,with full guts and gusto,the small bilone replied,"There,  where there are lumps of ploughed earth is my home." The hawk  enquire,"Even if you are back home, do you think you can fight a big and  strong one like me? Can you escape frommy claws? "
    To this,the bilone  replied bravely.  "Yes I can confront you.Ican escape from you."  "Very well. If it would be so, then I willlet you go now. Go to  your place and  to resist me," said the hawk.  So saying,he let go of  the bilone. The bilone very gladly returned to his old home ground,the ploughed field.  As he arrived there, he stood on a large chunk of  ploughed earth, and challenged the hawk, "Oh Great Hawk, if you are  really capable, come!" The hawk very swiftly flew to the field, threateningly saying,"You,bilone bird, how can you escape from my claws?"
      " As soon as he got near the bilone,he accelerated and swooped down to catch the small bird. At that  instant,the bilone suddenly moved  down to the underside of the lump of earth.  the bilone, nor could he slow down.  The hawk could not catch  . He hit lump of earth with his breast, which broke up,killing himself on the spot. The bilone came out from under the lump of earth and,perching on the dead hawk, said, "Because I had taken shelter in a quarter that is appropriately mine,  I was able to defend myself and beat the strong enemy."

Written By  Sayar Min Thu Wai
Translate By U Nyi (Myanmar To English)

Source  : 550Nipada,Sakunaggi Vutthzt