Good volitional actions done in the past existences are a mingalar. They bring forth in the present life great benefits and  happiness.
     Once upon a time, there lived a gatherer of firewood in the state  of Baranasi. One day, he found a rooster quite different from other  roosters at the spirit house near the city gate. These birds had been set  free and allowed to roam or roost at will. The man overheard the singular rooster talk to another one, saying, "Whosoever kills me and  eats my head will become king."
     Thus he caught the rooster, killed and took it home. Explaining how it had all happened,he asked his wife to cook it.After the cooking, she gave it to the man, complete with rice.
     The firewood seller did not eat the rooster's head right away: he intended to eat it on the bank of the Ganges after a bath in the river.Thus the husband and wife went to the river, taking along with them  the chicken and rice pots putin a basket.
      When they reached the river, putting down the basket on shore, they waded in and had a bath. At that moment, a strong gale came and,  the surface of the river water swelled in the form of high  waves.
    The waves reachedthe basket of chicken and rice, which floated  and was carried down stream. The man and wife had to struggle not to  get carried down, barely managing to swim to the shore. The basket  with the cooked chicken and rice floated and was carried down by the  current. Not long afterwards, it reached a spot near a mahout who  was giving his elephant a wash.
      He retrieved the basket,and found the cooked chicken and rice in it. He took it home. The mahout worshipped a hermit who was a seer. He saw the unique property of the particular chicken meat and so let the mahout eat the head. A few days afterwards, a king from another  counl  came attacking Baranasi.
     The crafty Baranasi king, thinking to evade the enemy,had his  clothes put on the mahout and let the latter ride the elephant and fight  in his place. He himself commanded his troops, moving unmarked  among the councillors. But a misfortune struck: a stray arrow from the enemy side hit the Baranasiking. He died.
       Then, the mahout opened upthe king's treasuries.Issuing gold and money, he said "Men who want these,go and fight the enemy with all your might and main."
       So, the people's morale was raised. They fought the invading enemy in cooperation with the mahout. they won. When the war was over, the councillors unanimously elected the mahout to the throne.
The firewood gatherer somehow missed the cooked chicken and was not made king.
    He had not done any meritorious deeds in the past.  The  mahout, because he had had some good volitional actions in the past, had the opportunity to eat the unique chickenhead without aplan. And he became king.

Written By Satyar Min Thu Wai
Translated By Sayar U Nyi (From Myanmar To Eng)

Source : 550 Nipada , Thiri Zat