Worshipping the persons who are worthy of worship is a  mingalar.In other words,it is a source of great benefits and happiness.  The following story is agood example:
    During the lifetime of Lord Buddha, one Ponna,a man of poverty, worked in the pad  fields of a wealthy man who lived in the city  of Yazagyo. Ponna and his wife Barita had a daughter named Uttara.  They lived in alean-to at the back of the rich man's house.
        One day, there was a festival of stars.All people of the city were enjoying the festival. But Ponna was not in the crowd. He went down to the fields, and there he ploughed.
         At that time, the great arahanta, Ahshin Sariputra, came to where Ponna was plowing and stood for alms. Ponna, as a manner of worship, gave water for face- cleansing and danpu for tooth- brushing.
       At that time, Barita came,bringing morning meal for Ponna.  On the road she met Ahshin Sariputra, and gave all the food she brought for Ponna to the venerable maharthera. lt was done all in the manner  worship. Because she had no food lett for Ponna, she went back  home and cooked a fresh meal.And then, she took it to Ponna.
       Ponna was waiting for the late meal. Barita told Ponna how she  met Ahshin Sariputra and how she had given him the food. Ponna was  overwhelmed with delight as he throught of the deed, and how fortunate they were to have the opportunity of charity devoted to the great  venerable.As a result of charity and devotion to Ahshin Sariputra, the arahanta , the lumps of earth Ponna had Ploughed turned into lumps of pure gold.
       Thus the  poor family become rich. It was on account of the  mingalar done in the matter of charity and devotion to the worthy man  that Ponna and his family saw fortunes in their current existence.

Written By Sayar Min Thu Wai
Translated From Myanmar To English By Sayar U Nyi

Sources : 1.Maha buddhawin