Pleasant speech is a mingalar. It is a source of great benefits  and happiness. The following story illustrates its significance.
        In ancient Gandara region, in the State of Texila, a ponnar owned a bullock, name Nandivisala. He kept it in a good yard, fed it with good fodder, and looked  afier it like a son. And so, the bullock developed into a very powerful beast.
       One day, Nandivisala had  a thought, 'The ponner looked after me so well.I owe him a great debt of gratitude.I must pay back what I owe.' So,he said to the ponnar, " Master ponnar, go to the wealthy man, Govittaka. Get him to a betting, and tell him that your bullock can pull a string of one hundred fully loaded carts. Bet one thousand units. I  will make sure you win."
         The ponnar went to Govittaka and made a bid for the bet, and the latter agreed. On the appointed day, they laid down the bet. Then N andivisala was yoked to the string of carts fully loaded with sand and gravel. The ponnar urged the bull, saying, " Hey, wicked bull, go. Hey, wickedox,pull the load."
      Nandivisala thought, 'I have never been wicked. And yet,  he had said I was a wicked ox .' The bull could not stand the  treatment  he received. So, he did not move, nor did he pull. He just  stood still. Thus the ponnar lost, and had to give a thousand money units to the rich man. Back home, he was so depressed on account of the lost money that he lay down in bed in a sorrowful mood . Nandivisala approached the ponnar and asked, " Why are you so sad?"
       "How can I be happy after losing such a lot of money?" said  the ponnar.
         "Master ponnar,I have lived in your house for along time now. Was any pot broken due to me? Did I cause damage to anything."
         "Beloved son,you have no damage"
          "Master ponnar, did I make water or stool at places not designated?"
         "No,son,you did not."  
         "Master ponnar, then why did you call me a wicked bull? I was so angry that I did not pull the carts. It was due to your fault that you lost. Not my fault. Therefore, go and bet again. This time make a bet of  two thousand. You will certainly win."
         The ponnar went to Govittaka and made a new bet. On the appointed day, the hundred carts were rigged in the same way as before. Then, the ponnar stroked the back of Nandivisala, and said in  agentle tone,"Good bull,go.  ceeded.  Well- trained ox, pull the load."
        The bull pulled the hundred carts in one single stroke,and succeed.
        The ponnar won the bet of two thousands. In addition, the onlookers were so awed and gladdened that they gave in cash awards to the bull. The ponnar was extremely delighted and grateful to Nandivisala. He was successful this time as he had spoken pleasantly to the bull.

Written By Sayar Min Thu Wai
Translated By Sayar U Nyi (Myanmar to Eng)

Source : 550 Nipada, Nandivisala Zat