Taking good care of one's own family of spouse and children is noble virtue, and so it is a mingalar. In other world itvis a source ofgreat benefits and happiness. The following story is a good example:

         It was a long time ago when a king by the name of Bramadat reigned Baranasi. Situated to the west of Baranasi, there was a village in which one Sudassana and wife Suzarta lived. They have three children. In spite of having given birth to and rearing the children, Suzarta's figure did not go down, but remained as youthful as ever. She was beautiful. Sudassana adored his wife and children. He worked hard and provided them well. Like him, Suzarta worshipped her husband and the children. She took a good care of their needs.
         One day, the couple went on a bullock cart to Baranasi to visit the relative. At that time , King Bramadat was touring the countryside, travelling on an elephant. He saw Suzarta, and wanted her. Therefore , he sent a servant to enquire after the woman whether she married or not. Suzarta said , "I am a married woman. My husband is here on the cart with me."
         The servant reported back to the king the true story. But because he was a corrupt , the king planned to take Sazarta by hook or by crook. He sent his servant again to learb at which place Suzarta's cart rested. Then the king ordered the servant to take his crown and deposited it secertly in Sudassana's cart in the night. In the morning , the king gathered his councillors and ordered, " Colse all gates of the city so that there will be no entry of exist. Declare the loss of my crown and research."
         The councillors searched for the crown. It did not take very long to find the crown on Sudassana's cart. Putting Sudassana in custody, they took him to the king. The king said. " This thief will be killed," and had the prisoner taken to the graveyard. Intending to kill the man by himself, the king followed the crowd. Suzarta also followed, weeping. When they arrived at the graveyard, she swore name of truth.
         "My husband is not thief. He has no guilt. My husband never had any affair with any woman other than myself. He is a faithful man, and has never done any wrong to shame his wife and children. He had provided us well. I, on my part, never had an affair with any man other than my husband. I had taken good care of all the needs of my man and my children. If what I had just said are all true , may tjere come a saviour for my husband.
         Soon after thus truth-saying , Sakka, the king of heavens came down, and pushed king Bramadat from the back of the elephant, killing him on the spot. He put Sudassana and Suzarta on the elephant and declared them king and queen, sating "Oh! countriers and people, I have removed tge king who lacked justice and fairness. Now , I have elected the man , who keeps worthy precepts, to the throne. With due respects, you all serve him well."
         And then he disappeared.
         The councillors and the xitizens were respectful of King Sudassana and served him well. They abided by his decisions. King Sudassana in turn ruled his people in conformity with ten Rules go Kingship. The wholekingdom was caln, happy and at oeace thoughout his regin.

Written By Sayar Min Yu Wai
Translated By Sayar U Nyi (Myanmar to Eng)

Source : Mingalarsar a Dipani