Taking care of the needs of one's own parents is a mingalar.  In other words,it is a source of great benefits and happiness. The follow-  ing storyis a good example:
           In ancient Baranasi, there lived a young man who adored his parents, worshipped and served them as if they were the king and queen of gods in heaven, and took care of their very need. Therefore, he was known as Martuposaka Pituposaka.
           One day, he thought of a way of earning more so that he could  afford a much better upkeep of his parents:  he ventured out , taking up  a job on a ship. The ship arrived at the island of Ceylon and berthed. There was an incessant rain of sand all over Ceylon at the time. People. with a ruined agriculture, suffered a great deal.
The king of Ceylon assembled his astrological advisers and asked about the possible way of stopping the rain. The advisers submitted, "Sire, this catastrophe will be terminated if a truth-saying is performed."
         "Which truth and who is to say such a truth?" asked the king.
         "Sire, you will have to ask a man who serves, adores, and worships his parents,regarding them as godsin the heaven," answered the advisers.
           The king then issued a declaration,  " I will give a big reward to  whoever keeps and feeds his or her parents well, regarding them as gods in the heaven. Strike gongs, and find that person."
            The king's councillors had the gongs struck in a big search. But, they couldnot find one in the whole kingdom. They were ata dead end.
          Then, young Martuposaka Pituposaka from the deck of the ship, hailed to the men on the shore,  " Oh men, I regard my parents as  gods of the heaven, and keep and feed them well."
            The councillors reported the matter to the king, who then said, "Call on the man and let him say the truth."  The councillors visited the  young man and told him of their  trouble.  truth so as to relieve them of the troubie.  They asked him to say the truth so as to relieve them of the trouble.
           Young Martuposaka Pituposaka went up to the bow of the ship  said his truth  "From the time I came of age and knew my ways around,  I had come to think about the gratitude I owed to my parents. My  reverence for my parents is boundless.
          Therefore , not to let them go hungry and not to let them  get tired, I had fed and kept them well, regarding them as gods of our home,  the king and queen of gods in the heaven, and as the Great Brahma. I  had now said the truth.If what I sad is really true, then may this rain of sand stop at this very moment.
           As a result, may the people of Ceylon, the king and the councillors, the learned, the rich, the merchants, and all the animate would be free of all calamities, andlive bountiful lives."
           And at the very moment the truth was said and done,the rain of  sand stopped.Allwere relieved and happy.
            Then, the king together with his councillors, the learned the  rich, merchants, farmers and all the people, came to the young man  and showered him with gifts aplenty. The young man loaded all the  gifts on five ships on his return home.  At home, he told his parents of  all that had happened, and as a token of worship, gave them all that he had received.
         The three of them lived charitable lives in peace and happiness.  When they died,they went to the abode of gods in the heaven.

Written by Sayar Min Yu Wai
Translated by Sayar U Nyi (Myanmar to Eng)

Source  Mingalarsara Dipani ( oldversion), 1920