Working in clean  and tidy manner, avoiding involvement in duplicity is a good way of life. This is a mingalar. In other words,it is a source of great benefits and happiness.
         Understanding the value of time and its proper upkeep, keeping keen, active interest in the job at hand; consientiousness, and mindfulness not to cause any damage, and such like are the qualities implied. The following story gives a good example:
         Once upon a time, a trading caravan of five hundred bullock carts led by a Headman left Baranassi for a far- away land for commerce. They had to cross a wide stretch of a desert.
         At it was very hot in the desert during the day, the could not go no: They erected shelters, and rested. Only during the night, they could travel, guided by a man who could give directions by looking at the stars.
         Thus going, it was only one night more before they reach the end of the desert. After finishing the evening meal, because it was going to the last night in the desert, they ejected all the wood fuel at water, and carried on with their journey.
         The guide, having spent so many sleepless nights, felt very tired and fell asleep as the went. Then without assistance from the guide, and unknowingly, they retraced their old track. At dawn, the guide woke up and said,"Wheel around, wheel around."
         Just as they were preparing toturn about, the day broke.Looking round, they found they were back at the site where they startedout past night. All were disheartened , and depression bore down on them. Downhearted, they erected shelters and went to sleep. Because there was no water, both men and beasts were in deep trouble.
         The Headman then thought, " If I do not make any effort, we will all perish. I must make efgorts and try to find a way out. "He set out and tried to find water-bearing soil. Soon, he saw a patch of some small grass. Calculating the possibility of water underneath, he directed his men to dig at the place.
           Tgr caravan men had to exert a great effort at the digging. At sixty aemlengths down the found the rock bottom without a trace of water. They felt hopeless and were about to give up.
         But, the Head-man would not give up. He went down the pit, and put his ear to the rock. He heart the sound of running water.
         Immediately, he climbed back to the top of the pit,and told a young man from amongst his followers, "Son, don't give up. If you do, we all will be destorted.Use this iron hammer and break up the rock.We will certainly benefits drom our efforts."
         Following the Headman's instructions, the young man struck up the rock with his hammer time and again. And soon, the rock broke and water gushed up.
          All the men went wild with joy.They used the water, cooked meals and ate. At sunset, they vontinued their journey, and far beyound the desert, they arrived at their destination.

Written By Sayar Min Yu Wai
Tranlsated By Sayar U Nyi (Myanmar to Eng)

Source : 550 Nipada , Vannapatha Zat