Caring For One's Own Community

         Giving assistance to the needs of one's own relations in partucular , and the community at large is a mingalar. In other worlds, it brings forth great benefits and happiness. The following story is agood example.
         Once upon a time, a community of monkeys lived in forest. They had elected a wise bull monkey their king.
         There was a small village near the forest. At times, not a single soul lived in the village. Only in the season of work that men came and dwelled in it. When work was done and finished, the left. There was a fig tree in the village. When there were no men, the monkeys used to go the village to eat the fruits from the tree.
         In one fruiting season, men came to the village for work. The monkeys wanted to eat the fruit and prepared to go to the village. Seeing danger , the monkey king persuaded them not to go. But, the monkeys said there should be no danger if they went at midnight when all men would be asleep. At last, the king could not bar them and, so he went along.
         In the dead of midnight, as the men were all asleep, the monkeys climbed the fig tree and ate the fruits. A man, however woke up. He heard the monkeys on the fig tree, roused the villagers and told them so. With weapons in their hands, they surrounded the tree, and waited to catch the monkeys in the morning.
         Seeing the danger fo death, the monkeys were very much alarmed and shaken. They asked the king to save them. The monkey king console them, saying. "I will think of a plan for liberation."
         He checked all the monkeys and found that one by the name of Senaka was missing. Senaka was the king's nephew.
         He said, "Senaka is good clever. He will think of something to set us free. Eat the fig to your satisfaction."
         Senaka was asleep in the wood when his companions left for the village. Upon waking up, he found no one around an, so followed their footprints. Then, he saw his people were in danger. He thought hard to have and idea that would save them.
         At last, he perceived an idea, and went in stealth to hut on the outskirts of the village. He found a woman in the hut, spinning in the light of a burning fireplace. All of a sudden, he took a burning piece of wood, and set fire to hut nearby. Them he ran away.
         When they saw the hut on fire, the villagers ran to the hut to extinguish the fire, leaving the monkeys free. The monkey king and his companions each picked a fig, climbed down the tree and ran. All the monkeys arrived back at their place safe and sound. They each gave Senaka a fig as a gift and in gratitude.

Source : 550 Nipada, Tinduka Zat

Written By Sayar Min Yu Wai
Translated By Sayar U Nyi ( Myanmar to Eng)