10 Reasons Why a Greeting Card Can Change Someone's Life

The power of greeting card is amazing. You may think it is simply a piece of paper, but wait until you see that off size envelope in the mail. It is at that time you will remember the joy of a greeting card. When you see some other reasons why a card can change a life you may not be able to wait to send a real card to someone you care about or even love.

1. That off size envelope.

That envelope says it is a card not a bill and someone thought of you. That is joy and makes a difference.

2. The upper left corner.

Suddenly a smile creeps across your face and you quickly look at the top left to see who sent it. Another smile flashes as the person's face crosses your mind.

3. Why did you get a card?

Sometimes you know what the card is about before you open it. Perhaps there is a holiday, it gives you a moment of joy. If it for a wedding, anniversary, graduation or other happy occasion, if it is your or theirs you are happy. For unhappy occasions it can make you feel loved. Then cards for unknown occasions it makes hope spring forth and can change a life, if only for a moment.

4. It is like Christmas

People often open a card envelope just like they would a package at Christmas. Some people can not wait to read the card and will open it at first chance. Others will wait. Some will rip the envelope, and quickly pull out the card to read it. Others will open it delicately and read the card slowly and savor it.

5. The front of the card.

Often the first message is there. Perhaps it is a peaceful image, maybe a funny one. You may read a poem or a beautiful quote. There is a moment of happiness or comfort, a moment that makes a difference.

6.The message inside.

Inside the greeting card is a message. It can change a life by being just the right message at just the right time. Perhaps that funny card just made a bad day happier. The words may be needed encouragement.

7. A written message.

Maybe someone wrote a personalized message. The card may have said everything. Typically less is better, but sometimes a long message can be good.

8. The signature

It may seem so small signing the special card. This is another moment when a smile crosses your face. You may read the signature once and smile. Perhaps you read the signature a couple times to enjoy the experience of that person sending you a card.

9. The look over.

This happens after you read that special card. We all do it, we close the card and give it a look over. You see the whole real card and another smile. The card made the day better.

10. The after glow.

In the moments after you think about the card with happiness or joy. You may even think about that card for hours or days. This is how a greeting card changes a life.