Choosing An Outplacement Consultancy Firm

Businesses rise and fall, and that is just how the economy works. Every aspect of any business and commercial activity is like a wheel. What is at the top of things, eventually has to reach the bottom of things as well. Businesses which have been operating for a while knows this more than anyone else. One of the things about any business which is at the core of everything are profits. In order to continue to remain in business, companies have to make profits.

Sometimes making profits means acquiring more human resource into the mix. This is when the good times are rolling. The times can change and when dark clouds start hanging on top of a business, the opposite happens. People will have to be let go and as much as managers would prefer to not do that, they are forced to do it, mostly for business reasons. That is the way things are.

Letting Go

Many companies are beginning to understand that no matter how straight talking they are when it comes to layoffs, losing employment is an emotional blow on an individual. Some people react to this with calmness while some may go absolutely crazy about what is happening. On an average people will be upset. Many of them being mature enough to understand the business reasons for the decisions that led to their disconnection, they would still have some amount of disappointment towards their, now former employer.

Employers are perfectly aware of this discontent and one of the things that some companies are doing in order to maintain, or at least try to have a meaning full relationship with their former employees is by providing outplacement services. This is sort of like breaking up with your loved one but assuring them that they will still remain friends and do whatever they can help with the transition.

Outplacement Services

Placement service is a concept all of us are aware of. There is a placement consultancy which is approached by candidates who are currently looking for employment on their own. Candidates then consult with the consultancy, get assistance about their career options, and understand improving their CV and more such career related things.

Outplacement services are the same, except that in this case, there is an arrangement that is made by a company with the consultancy to get jobs for those who have been laid off. Outplacement services will help the former employees of a given company through the process of consulting them and helping them secure employment elsewhere.

For some, this is an extremely pleasant gesture. Sure, their employer has just let them go. At least they are trying to do whatever they can to help them out. This is extremely useful particularly for those who have been in a particular company for a long time, like five to ten years. Such employees will not be in touch with the current trends, do's and don'ts about looking for a job.

For instance, those who haven't looked for a job in the last fifteen years may not know about using social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to find jobs. They may not know how to build a CV that is keeping in touch with the times. Some of them may have skills are simply outdated and will need retraining. Some may have simply not have a clue about job hunting, having never had to do that for such a long time.

Being without a job would be a nightmarish experience for many employees. The outplacement services is the lantern that is going to lead them out towards employment.

Choosing A Service

If you are a company that is looking to pick an outplacement service, there are a couple of things that you should be looking for. A standard placement will provide the usual one to one counselling, group counselling, resume building and training services. These are all very important but these are essentially present with all consultancies.

Nothing speaks about the success of a placement company than its clients, other businesses like you who have used outplacement services. No matter which service provider you are considering, the only thing you need to ask for is testimonials and an opportunity to speak with the clients who have used such services in the past and what were their success rates.

Be wise while choosing a consultancy service for they play a very emotional role in dealing with laid off employees. There is a certain amount of trauma that is associated with job losses. The right outplacement service can help you handle that in a positive way.