Exploring Chicago's Best Nightlife

Even the best hotels in Chicago can get stuffy after a while, so, if you're in the city for business or pleasure, why not stretch your legs a bit by visiting some of the top pubs and dance clubs? You may be surprised at how many of these establishments are located very close to the best hotels in Chicago; some may be even within walking distance.

Smart Bar

The Smart Bar boasts a slick look that will appeal to younger partygoers, but it is the Funktion One sound system that really draws in the crowds. This sound system directs all the sound to the central dance floor, making it a must-go club for younger crowds that want to feel the beat right down in their very bones. Especially for those staying in the North Side, this place comes highly recommended for audiophiles who place a premium on sound quality.

Studio Paris

If you plan to go dancing with your special someone after a romantic French dinner, Studio Paris is your go-to club! The first floor holds Paris Club, a dedicated restaurant serving only the finest in French cuisine, while the second floor hosts the stylish nightclub with a retractable roof for those warmer nights. Its proximity to some of the best hotels in Chicago makes it an ideal location for groups that want to go clubbing without the inconvenience of having to drive all over the city.


Berlin is a nightclub that not only caters to 80's and 90's era music, but also is also especially open to a wide variety of visitors - most notably gay and Goth groups. This indeed makes Berlin an excellent go-to spot for gay and Goth individuals, but its openness to your average clubbers makes it a great place to learn more about the subcultures that thrive in the city. It is also near to many luxury accommodations in the city, making it very accessible.

Spy Bar

The Spy Bar offers a more refined and contemporary atmosphere for the discerning clubber and offers an upscale experience ideal for those who like the finer things in life. Not only is the Spy Bar close to some of the best hotels in Chicago, but also its wide range of services allows you dance to your heart's content or simply sit back and soak up the chic atmosphere. It's also a great place to pick out the VIPs of the city, from celebrities to young, single scions of prominent companies and/or political families.


The Ohm Nightclub is an excellent spot for singles to mix and mingle with lots of others in a roomy, classy atmosphere. Loft ceilings, stained glass windows, classic exposed brick walls and mahogany-oak finishes lend Ohm a relaxing vibe for individuals to mix it up - especially since the club focuses on Chicago's famous house and electronic music scene. It is in relatively close proximity to the city centre, which makes it even more appealing to tourists from around the world. Just remember to dress to impress when visiting the Ohm Nightclub.

Start with these destinations and you'll have no trouble exploring the club scene around your accommodation in the best hotels in Chicago.