How Can You Tell If A Guy Likes You From A Text Message? How To Read Between The Lines Literally

Men have their own way of expressing themselves; although they might not be as open and vocal as females, they tend to act and speak in a way that somehow masks the way they truly feel. The good this is, there is a way that you could learn how to tell if a guy likes you through texting, even without him directly saying it to you.

Since the short messaging system has become popular, people found a way to communicate, albeit not as better as talking directly to each other. Miscommunication through text messages is common because people do not really "get" the tone or the emotion that comes along with the text, no matter how many emoticons are used in the message. To this, ladies find it more difficult to make out the meaning from what a guy says to them; but, luckily, he sends out some hints within his message without him being aware of it.

A woman might be able to know how to tell if a guy likes you through texting by looking out for the following possible signs:

He extends your exchange of messages - when a guy responds to your message, and then opens up a new topic of conversation, then that might be a real give-away. He is trying to prolong the conversation you are having, meaning, he is interested in what you have to say or what you are talking about.

He starts to be more inquisitive - a man is surely interested in you if he starts asking questions about you, the things that you are interested in, or the things that you like doing. If after answering his questions, you receive a reply that says he likes the same things you do and does this excitedly, then there is a great chance that he likes you.

He checks out on you regularly - it might seem like just an innocent act, but if a guy asks you "how are you?" or sends you "good morning" messages constantly, then it might mean something else. Men often do not want to sound too pushy or needy when they are trying to converse with you, but they would at least let you know that they are available. If he has the time to send you simple messages without a clear intention of what he truly wants to talk about, then it might be a sign that he wants to keep in touch and know you better.

The methods on how to tell if a guy likes you through texting is really not that complicated; all you need to do is to watch closely and see what guys are really telling you with them knowing it. A guy would not be responding to your messages if he is not interested in you in any way; so, if he stays in touch with you, all you need to do is really read between the lines and find out what he truly means to say to you

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