How Much Should You Spend on an HDMI Cable?

If you have visited your local electronics retailer recently hoping to get a good deal on HDMI cables then you may have found the salesperson to be rather pushy when it comes to trying to get you to buy the most expensive cable that they carried. Whether the salesman was getting paid on commission or simply did not understand what separates a good HDMI cable from a bad one, the truth is that spending a lot of money will not necessarily get you a better product. When it comes to purchasing HDMI cables, there are more important things to consider than price.

Because an HDMI cable delivers a digital audio and video signal from one device to another, there is very little risk of your HD television suffering from signal degradation. Simply put, the cable will either transmit a signal or it will not, there really is no in between. Analogue cables could suffer from distortion, electronic interference, or signal degradation if the cable was exceptionally long which meant that it was a good idea to spend a little more on a high-quality cable. With an HDMI cable, however, spending more is generally not necessary.

If you are looking for the highest quality cable that you can find, you will want to purchase one that has good quality insulation, gold plated tips, and supports full 1080p. The installation is important, especially if you intend to run your HDMI cable from one room in your home to another. Although there is very little risk of the signal degrading, the longer the cable is the greater the chance that electronic interference could disrupt the signal that is being transferred. Good insulation and a high-quality rubber coating on the outside of the cable also protect it from damage from pets, kids, or the weather if it is outside.

Choosing a cable of gold plated tips will ensure that you get a good, uninterrupted signal since gold is easily one of the best conductors. Although gold tipped cables may cost just a bit more, they are well worth the added cost. Finally, it is a good idea to carefully check all the specifications of the cable that you are interested in to make sure that it supports full 1080 HD. An older version 1.2 lead may only be capable of 720p. Although this may not be a huge deal if you have an older TV, if you have a newer television you will be missing out on its full potential.