Men, Is It Really Possible To Have Good Pickup Lines?

You're out at a bar with your friends when suddenly, the woman of your dreams walks in. You gather the courage to walk up to her, then you smile and say, "Are you a thief? You seem to have stolen my heart."

What happens next? Does she laugh at you and walk away, or worse, throw the rest of her drink in your face? Most guys find the act of approaching and picking up women an almost impossible task. This is primarily because you've probably already formed the opinion that an attractive woman will never seriously consider an "average or normal" guy like you.

This way of thinking is what makes a lot of men hide behind what they believe are good pickup lines that are guaranteed to get them into conversation with an attractive woman. But then, are there really such things as good pickup lines that are guaranteed to work? Well, pickup lines can indeed serve the purposes of breaking the ice and starting a conversation, but they are not guaranteed to deliver the results you expect in and of themselves.

What do we mean by this? Well, this simply means that the manner in which you deliver your "lines" is more important than the actual words. In fact, a study done at the University of Chicago revealed that there isn't really such a thing as good pickup lines that are guaranteed to work. The same study showed that saying "Hi" or "Hello" can be the perfect introduction, as long as you do it in a casual and confident manner.

That's right, saying "Hi" in a simple and casual way, without any innuendo or hint of a hidden agenda is your best bet for starting a conversation with an attractive woman. You may then follow-up with a neutral question such as, "How do you like the band?" What's most important when you approach any woman is that you adopt the following traits and characteristics:

  • Be confident
  • Be spontaneous
  • Master the right body language and tone of voice; and, above all
  • Be natural

A pickup line, by itself, can be cheesy, funny, weird, or lame. But any line can actually work when it is delivered right. Bear in mind that there is no such thing as good pickup lines that work perfectly all of the time. There is, however, a right way to make even the simplest pickup line work anytime. The key is in having the right mindset and adopting the necessary traits and characteristics that will make the art of flirting come naturally to you.

The bottom line is that even the worst pickup lines can deliver the ideal results if you use them with confidence, spontaneity, and a healthy sense of humour. It is also important to be genuine because women have the uncanny ability to see through any pretension. You never know, the real secret to successfully picking up beautiful women could lie in a simple, five-letter word. To paraphrase what a movie character once said: You can actually have her at HELLO.