New York's Off-the-Beaten-Path Museums

There are many central hotels in New York to choose from, so when you come to the Big Apple you will be spoilt for choice. The city is an exciting and vibrant one, which attracts people from all over the world to marvel at its wonderful monuments, visit its world famous museums and shop in its prestigious and fashionable high street stores. It is true that the city never sleeps, and on a visit here it is easy to get caught up in the energy, excitement and eclectic atmosphere of every part of life.

If you are visiting the city for a few days, it is a good idea to stay in one of the many high-class central hotels. In New York the standard of hotel accommodation is generally excellent and if you book with a reputable company you will not be disappointed. Many are located close to the city's main attractions, and the transport system is reliable and convenient to use at any time of day.

Off the Beaten Track Museums

The Big Apple is rightly proud of its heritage and the city has many a famous monument that stands in honour and memory of significant events in the past. The main city museums are great places to visit, too, but if you are looking to get off the tourist trail and discover some of the lesser-known places, there are plenty of options.

The Moving Images Museum is a museum with a difference. This three-storey building has a state of the art cinema and showcases manifestations of moving art. There is also a fascinating display of 19th century optical toys, modern video games and other moving objects from famous films.

The quirky, yet interesting City Reliquary Museum is another of the city's underrated institutions but is a treasure trove of memorabilia from centuries past. Here you can see a vintage subway turnstile, for example, and many examples of old postcards and fine Burlesque artifacts from the early part of the 20th century. The curators of this museum are actively involved in promoting events too, which are always worth looking out for.

For the children, the Forbes Galleries are an enthralling place to visit. The Forbes family have their personal display of toy boats on show here and thousands of toy soldiers, knights and Spanish conquistadors. This place is another that is often missed on the typical Big Apple itinerary but is a wonderful find if you have the time.

From any of the central hotels in New York, there is much of the city right on your doorstep, and if you look below the surface there is even more to explore. From the National Museum of the American Indian, presenting the life and culture of Native Americans in a rotating exhibition, to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum with its moving tribute to those people who arrived in the city seeking the dream, this buzzing city is a fascinating place to spend a few days. Choose one of the quality central hotels in New York and make your stay extra special.