Simple Facts to Help You Become Super Attractive to a Man How to Be Attractive to a Man

If you are thinking of being attractive to a man with a view of having a relationship which can be long term, you need look no further; or, if you are one lucky girl who wants to be attractive for her man. Here are the seven ways you can follow to be attractive to a man.

Your attractiveness

When you take special care to look good and work on your appearance, be sure that your efforts will not go unnoticed. Men like well turned out women and appreciate beauty when they see one. So, invest in clothes that look good on you and make a statement with your good looks.

Being feminine

Men like women who are feminine. It shows that you are soft-hearted, kind, compassionate and caring. They are attracted to women who have these traits as this is what they want in their woman because they themselves lack these things.

Your ability to communicate effectively

If you can communicate with a man on number of topics in an intelligent way, you are definitely an attractive personality for any man. A man needs a partner who has her own opinion and not someone who just agrees to all he says. Good communication is the basis of any successful relationship.


A woman of character who is truthful and honest is what attracts most men. In today's world where trust and fidelity are so rare to find, men would love to be with a woman who generates this feeling of trust and loyalty. He would want his woman to trust him to let him have his own space and let him be with his friends at times.

Being a person in your own right

You have a life of your own and are not someone who changes her plans at the last minute if the man calls up. Only if he too is making great efforts to be with you that you agree to alter your plans. When you show that you too have a life with your group of friends and not waiting for him, he will appreciate you and be attracted to you.

Your ability to satisfy him sexually

Enjoying great sex is one of the important ingredients when it comes to being attractive to a man. It shows that you care for them and they would like you to be forthcoming and tell them what you like.

Ability to laugh

Your ability to laugh with him and share fun moments is something that attracts a man. Having a sense of humor is a big plus that men find attractive in women.