About impression of digital marketing


About impression of digital marketing 

An advertisement This means that a digital media format is displayed on the device user screen.About impression of digital marketing. If you look at the phone, it means it is displayed on the phone screen. If you look at a computer, you see a computer screen; It is displayed on the monitor screen. Just a description. It is not based on the user’s actions. It just means the potential for the user to see the ad.

You can see the ad, see it, touch it with your finger, and so on. You will notice the notification displayed in the ad.

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About impression of digital marketing

Impression in digital marketing


In digital marketing, you know how many impressions there are. It’s better than offline. For example, an advertiser who has set up a billboard may not be able to accurately estimate the number of times he or she sees the billboard.

Two types of impressions


One type of impression is Served Impressions. The server counts the number of times an ad has been displayed, and there was a ‘billboard’ issue reported earlier. It is questionable whether you saw the show or not. Viewable Impressions are another type of impression that is better than Served Impressions. If you do not see the display, the display does not count.

There are some reasons why you may not be able to see the ads you are displaying.

The user scrolls down without waiting for the ad to appear while the ad is being displayed

No ads due to bad internet

You are looking at a laptop or desktop monitor and the ad is only for mobile device screens

Narrowing the view of the browser

The user is looking around

Ads are not counted in the number of times they are displayed, as they are not visually visible impressions if the screen user is not visible to the screen user.

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