How to Choice Playstation Console?

 How to Choice Playstation Console?

From an early age, PlayStation consoles were no stranger to us Burmese.

I think the PlayStation is closer than the X-Box and Nintendo

Because when I was younger, most of the game shops were PS1 stores

There are no Nintendo stores, but I think the PS1 will be more

PS1 – PlayStation 1

PS2 – PlayStation 2

PS 3- PlayStation 3

Playstation 4
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Speaks have changed from generation to generation, and now even the PS5

Which PlayStation is currently up to date?

As you can see, some of them are still playing PS2 and PS3, but what if the currency can go up?

Only PS4 and PS5 will be compatible

What do you need to know when buying a PS4?

However, if you are buying a machine, you are in for a rude awakening

Low or high is not what you want it to be

When buying a PS4, the first thing to consider is whether you want to play at 1080p resolution

Will you play with 4K, 4K HDR resolution?
There are three versions of the PS4 console

PS4 Fat
PS4 Slim
PS4 Pro
There are three versions

2.Slim and

From the three, you have to choose the one that suits your needs

The PS4 Pro has better CPUs and video cards, and supports 4K HDR

Includes at least 1 TB of storage

So if you want to play with 4K Monitor or 4K TV, you must choose PS 4 Pro

PS4 Fat, PS4 Slim do not support 4K, you can only watch video

If you want to play only 1080p and save money, that’s fine

If you recommend it, I only recommend the PS4 Pro

The PS5 has two versions, a disc version and a digital version

The difference is that you will not be able to play the disc

What is Jailbreak? Should I Buy Jailbreak Devices?
Jailbreak is a game developed by Sony game developers

Security block to prevent

It means removed or skipped. It’s not just on consoles like the Playstation

Available on iPhone, Android, X-Box, Nintendo and other platforms

The advantage of jailbroken devices is that you can easily download cracked games

If you do not jailbreak, you can buy it from the PlayStation Store, which is expensive

In addition to Apex Legend, Call of Duty WarZone, which can be played online if jailbroken

Other games are not available, so if you buy a Jail machine, only Story Games will work

Easy to remember

If you want to play story games cheaply, you have to buy a jailbreak machine

If you want to play online games, it is better to buy a non-jailbreak

Things to know about buying a game

This article is not for Jailers but for PS4 and PS5 users who will be making an official purchase

There are two types of game consoles available: Disc and Digital (Online Direct Download)

The disc will be brand new, there will be second discs, and there will be discs from the boarders

So if you share the disc, you can easily play it

Digital is purchased from the Playstation Store from a PSN account ( Playstation Network )

I mean, games are not as good as discs for sharing

PSN accounts are easy to set up, but be careful of regions

For example, in the US Region, when you top up a gift card, you have to top it up in US Card dollars

In addition to Japan Yen, PS Now (PlayStation Now) is not available in Singapore Region

Another thing to keep in mind is that ‌ also depends on the game discount

The recommended region is Singapore Region if you do not buy PS Now

If you buy PS Now, we recommend US Region

If you want to buy gift cards for the game with $, PlayAsia is compatible with Paypal and Debit Cards

You can also buy PSN Gift Cards from Kpay

You can also easily buy it on PSN Gift Card sales pages

When it comes to subscriptions

PlayStation®Plus, also known as PS Plus
PlayStation®Now called PS Now
For Sony PlayStation gamers, there are two

What a subscription means is that you subscribe to Sony services for a monthly fee

PS Plus offers two or three free games per month, as well as monthly discounts and monthly game items.

PS Now lets you stream PS2 and PS3 games, as well as download and play multiple games. For those who want to play the game completely, it is worth it. However, streaming is not convenient in Myanmar and you may need a VPN

So you know a little bit about the PlayStation, whether for kids or adults

I think you can choose the machine that does not suit you

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