How to start Flutter step by step?

 How to start Flutter step by step?

Flutter is an open source framework developed by Google.How to start Flutter step by step?

What makes it special is that it can write multiple platforms in a single codecase.

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Packages for developers are updated daily

This is a very popular framework.

How to start Flutter?
What is a framework?
A framework is a collection of many ready-to-use libraries that can be easily used by professional organizations to create an application. Using frameworks requires only high-level functionality, and low-level functionality is already included in frameworks. For example, writing Windows programs. In the net framework, you don’t have to write form-related buttons, click events, and so on, and you can write them from scratch, which is very fast. Framwork is easy to remember, just as it makes it faster and easier for developers. Framework and programming language are different. A programming language is a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do.

Programming Languages

There are many programming languages, Python, java, Dart, Java Script and many more.

Frameworks from Programming Languages

There are about 10 other Python programming languages ​​besides Django and Flask
There are many other frameworks besides Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Php Programming Language.
Java Script has many other frameworks besides Angular, Vue, Nuxt, Next Js
From the Dart Programming Language there is a Flutter Framework
Although the programming language is the same, when the framework is different, the syntax (thinking) and thinking methods have to be re-learned.

What can Flutter do?

Flutter lets you create web apps, desktop apps that run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, as well as mobile apps that run on Android, iOS, and more.

What IDEs can I use to write Flutter?

An IDE (Integrated development environment) is software that makes programming easier. Code Intelligence varies depending on the IDE.

Here are the best ones for Flutter:

Android Stuido
IntelliJ IDEA
Vs Code
All three are good if your computer has high RAM and CPU

If you want to use Android Stuido, you should use VS Code (Code Editor)

Building a new Flutter Project

Here is the new Flutter Project from Android Studio

Platforms must be checked for both Android and iOS

In Android, iOS Langauge, select your preferred language

I prefer the regular Kotlin and Swift

I wrote Java, Kotlin, Swift and apps, but I never read Objective-C

As shown below, you have a new Flutter Project

Before doing anything, connect it to the emulator and run it first

If you run as shown below, your PC will be able to flutter

Now that you have a complete machine, you can start writing Flutter Apps

Two important flutter widgets

Flutter is made up of widgets that make it easy to remember what to do with the widgets. The important thing to know here is StatelessWidget and Stateful Widget. You must first choose which widget a page of your app will use

What is StatelessWidget ?

To put it simply, it’s completely fixed

By default, the widget will only show you what you want to write first

For example, if the text widget contains the number 1, you can not change that 1 to 2

If you write “On” in the Chatbox widget, you will not be able to turn it off

Because the UI is dead, the best part is that it can be used in text and UI that does not need to be changed

Good. And it saves on memory loss. App Perfromance

It makes it better

To create a statless widget, select Stless in Android Studio

Build Auto Widget 

What is StatefulWidget ?

It is stateful so you can use setstate to update all the ui and values ​​you want to change

Widget type Stateful widgets are not required for the entire app

State objects can drain your app’s memory and affect performance

Create a stateful widget in Android Studio

Type stful and it will auto create

This is a good thing to do before writing a flutter

One of my favorite features of Flutter is Hot Reload, which is why we write Ui functions and then update the app to Hot Reload without having to restart the app after testing. Check Format on Save in Flutter in Language & Frameworks in Preferences in Android Studio Settings. The important thing is that every time you save it, it will organize the slanted code you wrote. Perform Hot Reload on Save will show you the Auto check box. If you did not check it, check it.

Play with Flutter Widgets

I think you know that Flutter is made up of widgets

To do this, you need to learn about Flutter Widgets

As a basic widget, you should know about Rows and Columns

Rows are horizontal and columns can be easily remembered

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are always-needed widgets like the App Bar and Scafold

Once the Stateless Widget is set up, it automatically returns a container called a return container

You will see a return

There we will change and write

Return the Material App widget. You can also use other Ui widgets here

Cupertino, for example, is an iOS Style Widget

SafeArea Widget is included in the home, one of the properties of the Material App Widget

The SafeArea widget includes a widget called Scaffold

A child is like a pregnant woman with a baby inside her

This means that there is another widget in the widget

Just as flutter is made up of widgets, it’s all great widgets

Using the Text Widget to write text in Properties is in the title properties of the AppBar Widget

You will see

When you save it, you will see something like this:

You can change the color of the AppBar Widget using the backgroundColor property

What can we do?

You will gradually find out when you experiment with widgets as you wish.

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