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 Andriod TV and OS you should to know 2022

Ask a question about the ads you are currently seeing.Andriod TV and OS you should to know 2022

Let me tell you about something I learned

Android Box, where you can watch football matches, TV channels, movies for free

My view on the question of whether to buy

It comes as Build in System Software in the OS

If it weren’t for the software / app that could be linked to this box hardware id, it wouldn’t be so special.

Andriod TV and OS you should to know 2022Andriod TV and OS you should to know 2022
Third parties (not system software / apps) are not available for free

Only applicable to the software developer organization

It is possible that the app is free to use

It is possible that the seller of the Android Box sells the app for a monthly fee

So the point is, Android Box does not allow you to view them, but only the software / apps inside

These processes can be performed, so you will not be able to view this box

Other Android Box and Android TVs also have these apps installed for free or for a monthly fee

You can see, so when buying an Android Box, quality is important

Android Box with Google certified android tv os for easy use

You should choose to buy

What is Google Certified Android Tv OS?
Android Box, Android Tv because it is a Google approved OS

Very easy to use and dedicated app for TV from Playstore

You can easily download it

If we were to write an app for Android Tv, it would be for Google

There are restrictions on how to make them all work properly from Google Tv Playstore

Recognized as a downloadable app

Otherwise, it may not show up on the TV Playstore or it may not be compatible with the device

That’s why Google Playstore only buys Android Box and Android Tv running Tv OS

You can use Tv Verified Apps

If you buy Android boxes and TVs using AOSP, the Playstore is like a phone OS

You may not be able to install TV apps from Playstore because it will work

If so, you need to manually download the USB stick and install it from the aptoide tv

It could be a workaholic

For example, VPNs can be easily downloaded from the Google TV OS Playstore to end-users.

Suitable for

There may also be differences between apps

Have you ever seen an Android Box running Google TV OS?

Used on Mi Stick, Mi Box, Nvidia Shield and other Android Boxes

AOSP TV OS has been seen on Android boxes like Mi TV China and X96

Android Boxes running AOSP TV OS and Android TVs are also compatible

Mi TV China, for example, installs apps from Aptoide Tv or USB Stick without Google

Can be used well

For the X96, you can also download apps using the adm app

Google TV OS will be easier to use. AOSP depends on your user experience

Can be used well

On the other hand, it will vary depending on the RAM, ROM and CPU

1080p, 4k, 4k HDR support may vary

Mi Box, for example, supports up to 4k HDR

Mi Stick only gets 1080p

Amazon Fire Sticks are good, but they don’t have a Playstore

These are high quality devices that may work a little

Most Tv OS Ui look like this

Choose the one that suits you best

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