What can be done to improve creative thinking?

 What can be done to improve creative thinking?

Everyone has a creative mind. Those who know this and use it become unique and successful. For one thing, creativity does not shine like a light bulb in a room.What can be done to improve creative thinking?

But there are creative ways to be creative. So here are some tips to help you get the most out of your imagination.

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(1) Get into the habit of capturing the speed of your conscience
Take 15 minutes a day to write down the thoughts that come to your mind. Capture every thought you make. Sometimes you will hear strange voices in your thoughts. If you re-read what you wrote on the paper, some thoughts may surprise you.

(2) Be aware of any thoughts that may arise
Sometimes there are little things that make your head glow. Keep notes of what you learned from the process. If you follow these clues, you will be able to capture interesting things.

(3) Choose three from the list of ideas
Thoughts you write down. Draw out three of the topics and topics you will be working on and think about each for at least 15 minutes. Turn off your phone and computer. You need to clear your head and get a good rest.

(4) Collect things that excite you
Almost everyone has something that inspires them to come up with new ideas. For some it may be a painting. Some can be a scene and some can be a room. In any case, there are things that inspire you, and your thoughts will be sharper.

(5) Talk to people
Attending seminars From talking to professionals to sitting in a street cafe, your imagination is alive. The important thing is to be alert. If you want to know what you want and catch what you are doing in the outside world, you will come up with new ideas.

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